Welcome to the Torwood Referral & Services section!   This section highlights service oriented companies (i.e. painters, roofers, electricians, etc.)
that have performed services in the Torwood neighborhood.  If you know of any companies or persons that you would be willing to tell your
neighbors about, we will include them on our listing.

Rules are simple - If you've had a contractor that has done work for YOU, and you're willing to list your name and talk with your neighbors about the
quality of their work, then we'll list them.  Only the last name of the person making the recommendation will be listed (unless otherwise
requested).  Torwood residents can refer to the Torwood Directory, to receive further information from the resident who had the referral & service
posted on this web page.

Send your referral(s) to "
Torwood_hoa@yahoo.com".  Since it will be posted on the web page, please be conscious of how you'd like it worded.  
Select the following form "
Referrals & Services" to fill out your recommendations (tile, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, landscaping, etc.) for
others to leverage.

Note: The Torwood Homeowners Association is offering this site as a place for homeowners to list vendors with which they are familiar.  Torwood
HOA does not recommend nor endorce any of these vendors.  Additional information may be obtained on the individual vendors from the posting
THA Contact Information
Cleaning Services:

  • Greg Colucci Sales Director - Gold Star Mortgage $500.00 off closing costs to all Torwood neighborhood residents and family or friends.  
    Contact Greg Colucci at Greg.c@goldstarmortgage.net cell 734-968-6810 Direct 734-971- 7900.


  • Heidi Kussurelis - Nationwide Insurance Agency, (734) 213-6736: Recommended provider for home, life and auto insurance services.  By
    Chris Chapin.

Lawn Care & Landscaping:


  • Bill Bell Construction, 734/213-5365: Provides construction, repair and remodeling services. By Robin Rasor.  


Tree Services:
  • Arbor Care Tree Surgeons: By Robin Rasor