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Torwood Homeowners
PO Box 622, Saline, MI 48176
Frequently asked Questions

  • Who do I call to get a street light repaired?
  • Saline Department of Public Works at (734) 429-
    5624 to report a street light that needs to be
    repaired. In order to expedite the reporting, it is
    important to know the exact location, pole number
    and whether it is wood or steel.

  • Annual Dues:
  • They are due before Jan 30th each year.  Additional
    details regarding the dues payment policy can be
    viewed under the "Master Deeds / Bylaws / Policies
    / Other documents" link on this website.

  • Snow Removal:
  • What is the policy on snow removal of sidewalks
    and driveways?
  • The City of Saline has ordinances that seek to
    ensure that snow, as well as ice, is removed from
    sidewalks in order to reduce the likelihood of
    injuries to pedestrians.  http://city-saline.

    Snow or ice must be removed within twenty-four
    (24) hours after the snow accumulations ends.  
    Subsequent drifting of snow on sidewalks must
    also be removed.

    We would like to remind property owners and
    private snow removal contractors that State Law
    (Act 82 of 1978, vehicle code 257.677A) prohibits
    the plowing or shoveling or blowing of snow, ice or
    slush onto or across roadways or highways.