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  • Annual Dues or Special Assessment Payment Policy (v9-26-08):

All payments must be made to the Torwood Homeowners                  
Association (THA) mailing address within 30 days of the due date
(Jan 1st) unless otherwise noted.  

A reminder for payment will be provided if receipt of payment has
not been received after the first 30 days (Jan 31st).  A warning for
payment and a late fee of 3% will be provided if receipt of payment
has not been received after the first 60 days (Feb 28th).  

Any outstanding balances not met after 90 days (Mar 31st) will be turned
over to a collection agency with a service fee of 33% on any outstanding
balance for payment not received by the THA in addition to the balance
or late fees on the account   

Please contact
THA Treasurer if you have questions regarding your
account balance

  • 2013 THA Annual Meeting will be held at the Saline Public
    Library on October 23rd, 2013 at 7:00pm.

  • Please help us to control costs by allowing the THA Board to
    provide you with all of your THA information via email or this
    website.  To register for email notices in the future select the
    THA Secretary link, provide us with your name, address and
    authorization to provide all future correspondence via email or
    this website.    

  • 4-14-07: If you would like a copy of the 2007 Torwood
    resident directory please contact the Secretary by submitting
    an email request to torwood_hoa@yahoo.com

    Please find a copy of the 01-10-07 Saline City Planning
    Commission agenda for your review/use.  

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