Matched Funding for the National Garden Scheme

Matched funding can be a brilliant way in which to increase revenue from garden openings. It can be secured relatively easily – just by filling in a form and giving our registered charity number. Matched funding works on the principle that a company/organisation gives a donation to ‘match’ the funds raised for charity at an event, making a donation go twice as far.

Many companies/organisations regard matching funds raised for charity as a significant part of their charitable activities, or their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – so it’s always good to ask.

Not sure if this applies to you? Garden owners may be able to develop matched funding arrangements with companies if they are either employees, retired employees or (in some cases) clients. They can also ask garden volunteers (i.e. friends and relatives) to apply for matched funding for the garden opening.

Many companies run matched funding schemes as part of their employee (or retired employee) benefits. Banks and financial institutions in particular are very generous with matched funding.

Normally any employee who has taken part in, or expects to take part in, a fundraising activity for a registered charity is eligible. This could therefore apply to garden owners’ friends or relatives who are helping at the opening, as well as the garden owner themselves.

Some banks and high-value companies will match fund for clients. It is worth asking your bank, insurance company, building society or supermarket.

Local Support
An increasing number of local companies and businesses who like to be engaged with their communities will help match fund an event in their town, village or area if it’s supporting a good cause – even if there is not an active relationship. So it’s always worth asking around in your local area!

Find out if you, your spouse, partner or a family member, or one of your volunteers taking part in your garden opening, works or has worked for a company or organisation who runs a matched funding scheme. Ask the HR department of the company concerned. Different companies have different rules and you will need to fill in an application form.

Some companies/organisations will ask for lots of notice, others will allow retrospective matched funding to be applied for up to six months after the event. Some will only match fund up to a set amount and others will allow one off unlimited amounts. Many like some recognition.

Normally there is a very simple form that can be filled in that includes asking for the charity’s number and purpose.

The list of companies and organisations that offer some kind of matched funding is long and changes constantly. If you ‘Google’ matched funding you will find lists. Otherwise if you have a company in mind just approach the company directly and ask.

Let us know if you need any more information – email Helena our finance manager here

The National Garden Scheme details for forms

Charity Number: 1112664

Registered Address: Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7RT
Tel: 01483 211535

Purpose of Charity: To open gardens of quality and distinction in order to raise funds for nursing and caring charities. The charity also supports specific charities in the gardening sector.

Fundraising Record: The National Garden Scheme has been organising garden opening to raise funds for nursing and caring since 1927 and in that time has donated more than £50m to chosen beneficiaries. Currently the annual donations total £3m.

The National Garden Scheme is the largest cumulative funder for all of its major beneficiary charities. Major cumulative annual donations to date are currently:

• Macmillan Cancer Care: £16m +
• Marie Curie Cancer Care: £8m +
• Queens Nursing Institute: £4m +
• Hospice UK: £4m +
• Carers Trust: £3m +


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Our donations in 2023

Donor 1
Donor 2 £450,000
Donor 3 £450,000
Donor 4 £450,000
Donor 5 £425,000
Donor 6 £350,000
Donor 7 £350,000
Donor 8
Donor 9 £100,000
Donor 10 £90,000
Donor 11 £80,000
Donor 12 £281,000
Donor 13 £260,000